Used Tefillin Packages

Most used tefillin sets are either new peshutos or gassos battim with used parshios, or  new parshios with used dakkos or gassos battim.

To see used tefillin that are currnetly available click here.


Information About Used Tefillin: What Are My Used Packages Like?


Used parshios with new Peshutos Mehudaros Battim

Pricing for used parshios (checked by me and computer scanned) with new peshutos mehudaros battim and new retzuous is $275 to $475 depending on the level of writting of the parshios. The battim are high quality peshutos. They look so good that most people would not be able to tell they were peshutos unless they studied them closely. Unquestionably these sets are better than new sets that costs even $50.00 more than this. In fact, I have seen new sets of tefillin priced higher than these used sets of  tefillin that were clearly not kosher to start with. This even goes for tefillin that are guaranteed kosher! The retzuous that are included in my used tefillin packages are new, of  high quality, and will last for years. They aren’t rough to the touch, and won’t crack after a few months like retzuous that typically come with lower priced sets which I don’t sell and you shouldn’t buy. I included a picture of used dakkos battim (fig. 1), new peshutos tefillin (fig. 2)  and new gassos tefillin (fig. 3) so you can compare them. Call for details. 845-290-2546

A freshly painted set of used tefillin.

Fig. 1: A freshly painted set of used tefillin. Although this set was sold it looks typical of used dakkos that I repaint and sell.

A freshly painted set of used peshutos tefillin

Fig.2: A new set of peshutos tefillin. The paint is sharper than in the used tefillin.

Fig. 3: New Gassos

Fig. 3: New Gassos


Used Battim With New Parshios and New Retzuous:

These sets are usually made with dakkos battim (better than peshutos mehudaros, even new ones; not quite as good as descent gassos). Sometimes gassos are available. I rarely sell used peshutos mehudaros battim, since most of what I see is not good enough to sell. Pricing typically runs between $350 and $585.

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