How To Order Mezuzah Klafim

If you are interested in buying mezuzos you should contact me directly by calling or texting me at 845-290-2546, or sending an email to The reason that you can’t just look at a picture and drop what you want into a shopping cart is that mezuzos are hand written one at a time. Each type of mezuzah that you see in this section is  written one at at time. Each sofer who writes mezuzos for me can only write a certain amount in a month. Also, there are many different sizes, levels of quality, and styles of ksav (writing). To further complicate matters, as soferim improve the quality of their writing, they raise their prices, so sometimes the prices that you see may not reflect the current price. Additionally, from time to time, soferim will change what they are writing. For example, you may see a picture of a mezuzah that you like, but the sofer has decided that he would rather write a megillah, which means that his mezuzos may not be available until he finishes the megillah and has time to write a batch of mezuzos. For this reason, I include the date on all the sample pictures and I try my best keep the prices as up to date as possible.  This means that it is impossible for me to keep in stock every mezuzah that you see here on my website. If you see a picture of a mezuzah that is the right quality level, size, price, and style for what you are looking for, give me a call. If I don’t have that mezuzah immediately available, I may be able to order it from the sofer, and when that is not an option, I will probably be able to suggest something of a similar quality, style and price.

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