Rabbi Michaels on left, with Reb Avraham Tzvi Wosner, Shlita

If you are looking for a Certified Sofer STaM please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rabbi Melech Michaels. I have been a sofer for almost 15 years.  I work in Rockland County NY, Bergen County NJ, and Westchester County NY. My specialties are  Mezuzah House Calls and tefillin checking. I Received s’michah from Reb Avraham Tzvi Wosner, Rav and Posek for the Vaad Mishmeres STaM. I maintain a close relationship with him and discuss many aspects of tefillin and mezuzos with him. I try to make his evenhanded approach to Halacha the cornerstone of my safrus business.

People ask me if I am machmir (strict) or makil (lenient). I answer them that I try to take three things into account in all issues of the Halachos of tefillin and mezuzos:

  1. Where the person who is asking is coming from.
  2. What is the best way to fulfill the halachah.
  3. What financial means are available.

My goal is to achieve the optimum mix of these three factors for each person’s unique situation. Before I sell a set of new tefillin or repair an old set I try to get to know my customers. I ask them questions so we can work together as a team.

I live in Rockland County, NY, with my wife, Dr. Rachel Michaels (psychiatrist), and eight children (Naftali Tzvi, Zerach Dovid, Yechiel Michel, Yehuda Zev, Mattisyahu Chaim, Channa Rina (yes, the only girl!), Elazar Menachem Mann, and Yaakov Yisroel (pictured with me and Reb Wosner, top left).