Cowhide Tefillin Bags

For years I have been looking for someone who makes beautiful leather tallis and tefillin bags.  That’s why I’m excited to  offer you Holy Cow Tefillin and tallis bags. These are real leather tefillin and tallis bags. They come in a variety of styles of natural cowhide. They can be embroidered with a name and can be made as a matching set for tallis and tefillin. You can work directly with the owner of Holycow Bags to design your bag according to your taste. Each bag is unique, and of course, handmade.  The price is $200 per bag and that includes embroidery. A tallis bag is $300, and a tallis and tefillin bag set is $450. Embroidery is up to five letters for $20 and up to ten letters for $40. We are currently working on a megillah case.

Winter Coat

Cowhide bag with example of embroidery.


The inside of the bag can be embroidered in English with a name, phone number, and email, to make it easier to return the bag should someone find it.

My own set of Holy Cow Tallis and Tefillin bags.

My own set of Holy Cow Tallis and Tefillin bags.

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