Megillos For Sale

Please enjoy this extensive collection of Megillos.  You may come to my Monsey office and view any of these megillos, however I will need a day or two of advance notice as many of these megillos are located in Brooklyn. If Brooklyn is more convenient for you than Monsey, please call me at 845-290-2546 or contact me through email at and I will make an appointment with you. If you have any questions or you don’t see exactly what you are looking for please feel free to contact me as this is only part of the collection. If you describe what you are looking for I will use my experience to match you with the right megillah for your needs. For example, if  you are buying a megillah as a present for a future son in law who is a baal koreh in his shul  you would be looking at one type of megillah whereas, if you are looking for a simple megillah in order to fulfill the mitzvah of megillah properly, you may be interested in a different type and price of megillah. I have worked hard to set my prices to accurately reflect the current market value of megillos so I will not normally accept low offers. This collection of megillos begins with lower priced Beis Yosef Ksav megillos. Scroll down to see more expensive megillos. Scroll down even further to see ksav Ari megillos, starting with less expensive  and going up in price as you scroll further down the page.

Megillah Slaferig BY 11 line 5.5 inches $850








1. Megillah.Beis Yosef ksav 28 line, Pinchasi $950









Megillah Ringel 28 line BY 12 inches $950









Megillah Yona 1, 11 line BY 6 inches $1100 img_0327







Megillah Yom Tov Cohen BY 14 line 6 inches $1200






IMG_0325 megillah Yona 2, 11 line BY 7 inches $1200











Megillah Shapiro BY 28 line 10.5 inches $1250









Megillah Gutterman BY 28 lines $1350














Megillah Malavsky BY 28 line 9 inch $1300









Megillah Bentzolovitvh BY 11 line 7 inches $1350









Megillah Lazerovitch BY 28 lines thick only one available $1500









Megillah Lazerovitch BY 28 lines $1500









megillah Litman 11 line BY 4.5 inches $1750









Megillah Freilech by 28 line $2200









Megillah Genut Beis Yosef $2200









Ksav Ari Megillos

Megillah Malavsky 28 line Ari 12 inches $775









Megillah Cohen 28 line Ari 14.5 inches $600-800









Megillah Cohen 28 line Ari 14 inches $800









Megillah Hecht 28 line Ari 12 inches $800









Megillah Blau 28 Line Ari 11.5 inches $850









Elbaz 21 Line Ari 9.5 $900









Megillah Gross 28 LIne Ari 12 inch $1000









Megillah Singer 28 Line Ari $1100









Megillah Osher 28 LIne Ari 14 inches $1125



Megillah Kahana 28 Line Ari $1150









Megillah Leifer 28 Line Ari 12 inches $1200









Megillah Friedman 28 Line Ari With Crowns $1500






Megillah Weinberger 28 LIne Ari 15 inches $1500









Megillah Freileich Large Ari 14 inches $1700









Megillah 42 Line Ari Chabad Aseres 19 inches Picture 1









Megillah 42 LIne Ari Chabad Aseres 19 inches picture two









Megillah Preowned Ari 15 inches $1650









Megillah Pollack 28 LIne Ari 14.5 inches $1800

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