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Meir Stark Regular Gassos Battim

Are you looking for Strong, beautiful, and Mehudar Tefillin Battim?

Are you looking to buy a set of battim that will be a lifetime investment?

Would you like to own battim that come with a lifetime guarantee?

These Meir Stark Battim are so strong you’ll be passing them down to your children! They are made with an amazing amount of attention to detail. As soon as you hold them in your hands you will feel their rock-solid construction, and you will notice how beautifully they have been painted.

Available Right Handed and Left Handed.

Shin comes in Beis Yosef, Ari, or S’faradi

Price includes removing your parshios from your old battim, putting them into the new battim, sealing them, and free shipping.


Price: $450.00

Shipping: $0.00

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Peshutos Mehudaros Tefillin With Free Shipping

This set includes peshutos battim, parshios and retzuous and a velvet bag. The peshutos battim are the highest quality battim of this type. They are stronger and constructed better than other peshutos battim, and they will last for many years with proper care. They are finished beautifully, with particular care to the way the shin is painted. They come sewn together and sealed up. Sealing is a process usually found on gassos battim, but I seal even peshutim because I want them to look great, and keep their shape for years to come. The parshios are good quality, with absolutely no question whatsoever as to their kashrus. The retzuous (straps) are high quality elyonos, soft to the touch, and long lasting. This Set Is 100% Kosher, I guarantee it personally!

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Many customers contact me because they are looking for the cheapest set of tefillin possible. This is what I say to them. “I have a set for $280 (which is for demonstration purposes only, and not for sale) and another set for $420. The set for $280 is like the typical inexpensive sets you see on many Judaica websites. Their poor quality will glare at you!  The $420set is less than $100 more, but it is far higher quality. Chances are nine out of ten that when you see the two sets next to each other, you will take the $420 set. I promise you, you’ll thank yourself that you took my advice.”

Typically, they take a look at the two sets next to each other, and without my having to say a word, they decide to purchase the nicer set. If they are giving them as a gift, or even if they are buying for themselves, they want  something nice, finely finished, and solid feeling.

And consider this: many of the sets you see on the web are far less than $280, and they are inferior to even the $280 set which I’m not even willing to sell! Often the paint is peeling off the battim before you even use them once. When it comes to the parshios (written parchments) the seller is hoping you never show the parshios to a certified sofer. Or maybe he just knows from experience that most buyers will never get their tefillin checked, so he knows he has nothing to worry about…

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Price: $420.00

Shipping: $0.00

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Mezuzah: Basic

Are you looking for a good basic kosher mezuzah? At $50.00 a piece, this is an exceptional buy. Each mezuzah is checked by computer, and checked by Rabbi Michaels as well. They are written in Eretz Yisroel by a Vaad Mishmereth STaM certified sofer. The mezuzah that you get will be of the same quality as what you see in the picture, however I am using the picture as an example only. As you can see, it is neat and organized, and has all the taggim (crowns).

This mezuzah is written in the Beis Yosef style.


Old Price: $50.00

Price: $48.00

You save: $2.00

Shipping: $6.00

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Red Oak Mezuzah Case For 12cm Klaf

An entirely new concept in hand crafted mezuzah cases is now being offered exclusively by MezuzaDepot. For many years I sought an alternative to mass produced, foreign made mezuzah cases. I wanted something made from real hardwood with beautiful grain. My aim was to create a case that would be inspiring not only because it had a beautiful, hand written klaf inside, but also because of the natural grain of the wood. Since hardwood is one of the most world’s most beautiful materials, it is only fitting that it should be used to house a mezuzah klaf, one of the world’s most important statements. These cases are made from from Red Oak and Laurel Burl. If you see a style you like but you are looking for a different type of wood, or a different finish, please contact us as we are taking special orders.

Pictured is a case for a 12 cm klaf made from  Red Oak. This case is finished with four coats of marine grade of Spar Urethane and is suitable for exterior use (when being used out of doors a bead of caulking must be placed on the inside of the case in order to make a tight seal with the door frame). Each mezuzah case has its own unique markings and features. They are hand crafted by Ben Weber, a local Monsey, NY woodworker.


Price: $40.00

Shipping: $8.00

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