Sefer Torah Appraisal, Purchasing Consultation, ID Scroll

Sefer Torah Purchasing, Appraisal, and ID Scroll Services


If you insure your sefer torah you will need an appraisal. The process is simple and can sometimes be done over the phone in conjunction with emailed pictures of the sefer torah. $100

Purchasing Guidance

Up to one hour to help you evaluate a potential purchase you may be considering. I will help you decide if the sefer torah is a good deal for you, and I will also help you decide if you are considering more than one sefer but you are not sure which is better. I will not try to sell you my own sefrei torah unless you have determined that the sofer you were working with is not able to help you. $90

Sefer Torah ID Scroll Project

I am the Monsey, North Jersey representative for the Vaad Mishmereth Stam Sefer Torah ID Scroll Torah Registration & Identification Program.

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